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Videos Of Dr. McLendon & Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates Of The Greater Houston Area

Clear Choice Orthodontics & Dr. McLendon In The News

Dr. McLendon was featured on Great Day Houston for his
expertise on the Invisalign teeth straightening process.

Dr. McLendon featured on 713 News, discussing the
importance of starting orthodontic treatment at an early age.

Dr. McLendon featured on 713 News,
explaining why it’s never too late to start orthodontic treatment.

Dr. McLendon featured on 713 News, discussing
treatment options that help get your braces off faster.

Dr. Mclendon discusses how Invisalign changes his patient’s lives.

Patient Invisalign & Invisalign Teen Reviews & Testimonials


Mike & Stephanie prepare for an important day
by getting orthodontic treatment together.

Renee discusses how getting Invisalign has had an impact on her professional and personal life.

Danielle discusses her son’s Invisalign Teen treatment at Clear Choice Orthodontics.

Jennifer shares what it was like to go through Invisalign treatment
at the same time as her daughter at Clear Choice Orthodontics.

Nicole discusses her experience with Invisalign Teen during and after her treatment.

Sandi shares how Invisalign Teen helped her
daughter improve her smile without getting metal braces.