What to expect on your first visit to Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your family with quality orthodontic care.  We understand that you have many choices and we are committed to giving you the best experience possible.  During your initial evaluation, we will find out what your expectations are in regards to your teeth and how you look.  Once we get an idea of what you would like to achieve with your orthodontic treatment, we will proceed with getting some medical history, insurance information and other pertinent patient information.

Once the preliminaries are completed, we will perform a full orthodontic exam which includes x-rays and our awesome orthodontists will look over the results and work with a treatment coordinator to define a treatment plan based on your input and our findings.

Once we have a plan in place, the treatment coordinator will meet with you to provide a complete diagnosis that will include:

  • your treatment options
  • estimated length of treatment
  • what your insurance will cover
  • usage of any flexible spending accounts
  • your payment plan options

At Clear Choice Orthodontics, it’s always your choice

You will always have options at Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates.  Metal, clear or Invisalign, variety of payment options, how and where your appointments are scheduled…   We are committed to providing the best orthodontic care at the most affordable prices and at the convenience of our valued patients.  We will always be available to talk about your treatment, how it’s progressing and what to look forward to.  We will work with you on appointments and payment options.  We will always be open and considerate of your time.