2014 Elite Invisalign ProviderThere are so many orthodontists to choose from so why should you choose Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates?  Glad you asked…

Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates has been around a long time.  Dr. Ray McLendon has been in practice since 1983 as is considered one of the world’s leading Invisalign providers.  No orthodontic practice in the United States does more Invisalign procedures than Clear Choice Orthodontics.  We are an Elite Top 1% Provider so if another doctor told you that you were not a candidate for Invisalign, give us a chance to take a look.  The consultation is free and we are on the cutting edge of Invisalign treatment.

We are one of the largest orthodontic groups in Houston.  We have the knowledge, technology and resources to provide quality orthodontic care for you and your family.  We work with almost all dental insurance companies, we have tons of payment options that can fit your budget.

We are licensed orthodontists.  Our expertise and experience in getting people the smile they deserve is unparalleled.  For over 30 years, we have