Paying for Treatment

Orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient based on many variables including choice of treatment (metal vs. clear or Invisalign).  That is why Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates offers a complimentary consultation that will give us the opportunity to look at our valued patients on a case by case basis and give them the best price on the treatment programs available to them.  This consultation is absolutely free and we also include x-rays and exams that most orthodontists do not so that we can get the best information possible.

Orthodontic or Dental Insurance

We work well with most major dental insurance companies and will file all the necessary paperwork with them for you.  Coverages vary greatly between insurance companies.  We will take into account any coverages your insurance offers during the consultation phase so that you can see how your coverage will offset what you need to pay.

Flexible Spending Accounts

You may also have access to flexible spending accounts that allow you to save pretax dollars to help pay for orthodontic treatment.  Orthodontists know years in advance that a child will need braces.  Schedule an appointment with Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates early so that we can determine if your child will need orthodontic care in the future.

Payment Options

Clear Choice Orthodontic Associates offers one of the most diverse payment plans and options when it comes to your orthodontic treatment.  Even if you do not have dental or orthodontic insurance, we may be able to find a payment plan that fits your budget.